984098_10101411429331217_7621803812278587353_nOh hello! I’m Jessica and I love food.

Seriously love it. Always have. I am a foodie at heart and could probably eat all day every day and be content.

I eat Paleo. I love it. I’m not doing it to lose weight. I’m not doing it cuz its some fad. I’ve done those. Pretty much all of them. Seriously, there probably isn’t a cleanse out there that I haven’t tried. Or diet. I hate dieting. It messes with my mind and body. I get obsessive. No thank you. I do Paleo because it makes my tummy happy. And I like my tummy happy. Remember the food obsession?

I am not perfect. Far from it. I’m also not strict. If I want some chocolate I’m going to have some. I pay attention to what works for my body but also listen to what I want.

I live in Philadelphia and I’m an actress. Yes really, an actress. I’m theatrical and goofy but can also be very serious when needed. I work in film and television and I love it. I’ve been doing it since I was a kid. However, this industry is incredibly critical of your body and I have struggled with body issues for years. This blog is designed for my ramblings on self love and healthy living while maintaining a very busy schedule (cuz lets be honest, most of us are not free all the time to live without planning. If you do live like that, nice!)

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