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My Go-To Lunch

Good Morning!

FINALLY getting back to the blog. It has been a crazy couple of months. I relocated across the country to Albuquerque, New Mexico but not before choreographing Beauty and the Beast and having an amazing summer with friends in Philly. But now I'm back!

When I'm meal prepping and consistent with my diet, I have a salad every day with a side of fruit. I love love salad. It's an amazing way to get in a bunch of vegetables and changing the dressing makes it different very day.

The base of my salad is typically Red Leaf Lettuce, Cucumber/Chayote, Tomato and Carrots. Occasionally I will add some sprouts, beats, celery, wheatgrass or another vegetable I found on sale.

Then different additions will come such as Sprouts, Celery, or Beets. Salad is also incredibly easy to meal prep. I set up a bunch of tupperware then fill with the vegetables. I typically will cook a two pound bag of frozen chicken in a skillet with some simple seasoning. Once the chicken is fully cooked I portion it into different tupperware. I workout a lot so I have 4oz of cooked chicken with my salad. My favorite thing to do is to toss it in a bunch of Franks Red Hot. I could put Franks on anything. Literally.

Currently I am rotating between four different dressings: Tessamae's Creamy Ranch, Avocado Ranch, Caesar and Primal Kitchen's Ranch. They are a great source of healthy fats and SUPER delicious!

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