Visit with my Sister

Whats up?

Look at that, once again I have let a few days get away without blogging! I’m really struggling getting a hold of this thing. I promise I will get better!

Alright what have we missed ~ MY SISTER!! I have a sister two years younger than me who lives in Vermont. She came down for a quick day trip which was so lovely. And I stuck to Whole30 the entire time she was here.


We started with breakfast of Sweet Potatoes, Bacon and Fried Eggs. After breakfast we got dressed up and went out to meet my best friend McKenzie. Manicures and Pedicures followed because we all deserve to treat ourselves once in a while.

After our girly time, we ended up in Chinatown at a tiny place called Dumplings. An adorable little place that you guessed it, specializes in Dumplings. Being Paleo and going through Whole30, I ordered my self Steamed Chicken and Vegetables with no sauce. Not the most exciting meal but I’m happy I stuck with the program. I am very easy hard on myself. It’s a daily struggle to remind myself everything is going to be okay. Working on it!

My sister left shortly after (like I said a super quick trip). It was so lovely to see her and hopefully it will only be a month until I see her again.

I am currently finishing up Day 16 of Whole30 and still loving it! I’m having body image issues but that is a daily struggle and I’m working very hard to stay positive.





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