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Last Minute Dinner with a Friend

Happy Hump Day & Happy March!!

I absolutely love the start of a new month! This month especially because its almost my birthday!!!! Looking forward to a great first day. But first lets talk about yesterday.

I woke up at bright and early to open the restaurant. Every Tuesday I’m in the restaurant by 6:30. Meal Prep is so necessary and important for me.

Breakfast was a reheated Breakfast Casserole. I know this keeps making an appearance but its just so good!


Lunch was also “boring” Chicken with leftover mashed potatoes and green beans. But hey it was healthy, Whole30 Compliant and delicious 😛


After work I headed to the gum for an Upper Body Workout. I did a high rep workout today with low weights followed by a pull up burn out and abs.

4×12 Hammer Curl into Shoulder Press
4×20 90 degree raise into French Press
4×12 Chicken Wing Raise into Chest Press into Forward Raise
4×16 Upright Row into Side Raises
4×16 Alternating Bicep Curls with Side Raises

2 sets of Pull Ups to Burn Out
4×12 Machine Crunches at 55 lbs

After work I rushed home to get ready for dinner. Last night I made last minute plans with an old friend of mine Tasha. We both met working in New Mexico and now live in Philly but rarely see each other. We finally were able to sync up her schedules and I decided to have her over for dinner so I could stick to Whole30!

In the Whole30 cookbook I found a recipe for Coconut Curry Chicken with Cauliflower Rice. I made a variation of this using a bag of frozen riced sweet potato and cauliflower. I also added a fried egg to the rice because I think fried egg should always be included in fried rice am I right?

This recipe was SUPER easy and absolutely delicious. Makes enough for four generously. I am SO happy with Whole30 and will definitely be adding this to future meal plans. Plus it makes enough so I have my lunch for the next two days! I served the curry on top of the rice. Delish!


Tasha and I had a lovely time catching up. It was really great just talking and enjoying great food rather than drinking a bunch and eating crappy bar food.

Well I’m off to a hopefully busy day at work!

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